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The Last Bush Pilots

IMG_0121In 1876 Mark Twain published the ultimate story about youth, the wilderness, and the unbridled exuberance of adventure that we know as “Tom Sawyer”. Jump ahead 100 years to a novel written by Eric Auxier, “The Last Bush Pilots”.

Eric replaces Missouri and the Mississippi River, the riverboats, and the riverboat captains with Alaska, the Alaskan coast, the bush planes, and the variety of personalities of the pilots and people who work there. That’s how this story starts, and that will also be where it ends.

Al cloud 2008

Rafts that once traveled up and down the Mississippi river, often to end up marooned on sand bars, are now propeller aircraft, plying their trade between the cities and the hunting and fishing outposts.


Tom, Huck Finn, and Becky have become DC, Allen, and Tonya (or perhaps Stephanie?) Aunt Polly’s cat is replaced by the antics of 3 bear cubs. The strict rules and conformity of Tom’s school and church are now the Government and the FAA in the Lower-48 trying to impose their rules on the frontier that is Alaska.

Yes there is risk, there is danger, there is love, and yes there is death. This is the frontier, and some aspects of this novel are not going to be suitable for the very young. But if you are between 15 and 95, this is a book to read if you have a spark of memory left in you about what adventure used to be, and can still see yourself as a modern day Tom or Becky.

As Dusty, a memorable character, says in this novel: “The adventure’s still out there son. You just gotta go find it.”


Fasten your seatbelt, push your own raft off into the currents, and get ready to explore around every new river bend the adventure that life is offering. And once in a while, look up, and taste the salt on your face from the water drops left behind as an eagle passes overhead with a salmon in its claws.


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6 comments on “The Last Bush Pilots

  1. capnaux
    March 15, 2014

    Reblogged this on The Last Bush Pilots – a novel by Eric Auxier and commented:
    I am HUMBLED and amazed to have my novel “The Last Bush Pilots” compared to Mark Twain’s classic, “Tom Sawyer!” Thank you for a wonderful review, PaxView Jeff


  2. Karlene
    March 15, 2014

    This is an amazing review. And since I’ve read the book… I say spot on! Keep up the great work both of you!


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  5. Jeff Louderback
    June 8, 2014

    This was an incredible read. Thank you for sharing it with us! Nowadays the web is full of poor content however, there is no doubt that you just spent long by editing these content articles. Again, appreciate your time as well as for your efforts!


  6. get download
    October 14, 2014

    I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for posting. “To the dull mind all nature is leaden. To the illumined mind the whole world sparkles with light.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.


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