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Flight To Success – Review

The newest book by Karlene Petitt “Flight To Success” (FTS) is a significant departure from her previous works of fiction. FTS is based on a real life story, her story, so it is in part an auto-biography, but it is equally a discussion of a philosophy on living, and a self-help book full of useful and practical advice on achieving success against adversity. Or as she says: “The best life lessons come from the classroom of experience and listening to what the world is shouting in your direction.

In FTS Karlene discusses balancing her wishes and desires for a challenging career in commercial aviation, against the simultaneous jobs and responsibilities of being a wife, a mother (and eventually a grand-mother) which makes for interesting reading, no matter what your gender is. This is not fiction, this is about the real world where we all have challenges to face, and obstacles to overcome. Some challenges are obvious, some are not… The ones that are not obvious are the harder ones to write about, and her life strategies on how to pass through those hidden barriers can be applied to many difficult situations, life events, and careers.

I found her writing to be very open, frank, and honest. Especially about the challenges of becoming a fully qualified commercial airline pilot at time and in an era when commercial aviation was still a male-dominated field, where women were often not welcome, or as one ‘fellow’ pilot loudly told her, “You don’t belong in the cockpit!”

Yes, Karlene is a pilot, so there are a few events like this:

Then all hell broke loose. Bells rang, a fire handle illuminated bright red, and the first officer yelled, “Engine failure!” as the power rolled back to idle, and the plane yawed to the left…


But FTS is not a book about flying, it is a story about life, and living life, and making the right (and difficult) choices in life. FTS is entertaining, it is engaging, thought provoking, and not an easy book to put down. The highest compliment I can make is that I will buy a copy to give to my wife, mostly because I won’t want to share my only copy.


PS: This is a link to Karlene’s blog page…

One comment on “Flight To Success – Review

  1. Karlene
    February 16, 2015

    Thank you so much for the incredible review! Heartfelt thanks are coming your way!!


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